As easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Choose a meal plan that meets your needs. Let us know which meal plan you want, how many meals you need a day and where and when to deliver it (please note that we only deliver from Sunday to Friday 6:00am-12:00pm, Saturday is Monday to Friday 6:00am-12:00pm, Saturday and Sunday are our “off” day).

Step 2

We’ll cook your meal with tender, loving care.*Please note that if ingredients are not available,we reserve the right to adapt the menu. Also, please note that we will try to accommodate as many allergies/special diets as possible but we cannot promise to take every order and special orders that we do take might be subject to an additional charge.

Step 3

We’ll deliver it to you fresh every day. Please recycle the insulated bag(given when you receive your first order)when you bring your meals out with you.Because we love the environment like that.