Accomplished athletes and fitness personalities from a wide variety of disciplines; all shining examples of what you can achieve when you combine a healthy diet with a fitness-focused lifestyle.
October 2015 – Present: 8 TN Ambassadors
Bodybuilders, CrossFit Athletes, Yogis, Personal Trainers, A Running Coach
TRIBE Nutrition meal plans helped these TN Ambassadors meet their fitness and health goals such as cutting body fat or bulking up.

Coco WangTN Ambassador

Former National Volleyball Player
Personal Trainer
2 month TN FRESH LITE Meal Plan: Lost 1.8kg (75.6kg to 73.8kg), achieved body fat percentage of 17% from 20-23% she started with. She worked out 5 times a week.

Michael GarciaTN Ambassador

Personal Trainer
Winner (Heavyweight Bout, Shuangjing Showdown) .
2 month TN BULKING Meal Plan, worked out twice a day, 6 times a week.
Gained 2.7kg (88.3kg to 91kg).
Achieved body fat percentage of 15% from 16.4% he started with.

Morgana MuTN Ambassador

One of China’s top national bodybuilders and now a top CrossFit athlete.
Co-Founder of Goddess Fitness (Shanghai)

Vivian DongTN Ambassador

Vivian Dong Juan
Advanced senior yoga instructor and practitioner with 14 years teaching experiences especially in Vinyasa Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Vivian also teaches in different well-known yoga schools and studios including Yoga Yard, All Yoga and Yoga Summit.
She is also a a Physical Education teacher at China Foreign Affairs University.

Robyn WexlerTN Ambassador

Renowned Yoga Instructor and co-founder of Yoga Yard
Teaching Director of SpaceCycle (China)
Brand ambassador of Lululemon
Senior birth doula (guided delivery service).

Christy ZhangTN Ambassador

Former national bodybuilder and now a top CrossFit athlete (she was the only Chinese athlete at the 2016 CrossFit Asia Championships, coming in 17 out of 32 contestants).
On 1 month BULKING meal plan in preparation for the 2016 CrossFit Asia Championships, gained 4kg (original goal was just 2 kg) and achieved many PBs (personal bests) at the competition.

Jacky SuTN Ambassador

NIKE+ RUN CLUB Head Coach for Beijing.
Was on a 1 month FRESH LITE meal plan in preparation for the 2016 HTC (Hood to Coast) Relay Run in Oregon, aka Every Runner’s Dream Race.

Ankit NayalTN Ambassador

Personal Trainer
On 2 months BULKING meal plan in preparation for 2 bodybuilding physique competitions in October 2016, Sheru Classic (Mumbai) and Huanjin Zhiye (Henan).
Aiming to reduce body fat percentage to 7-8% from 15.5%.